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BIO and CV

Chris Lanier is an artist with a background in both traditional and digital media, and a demonstrated interest in hybrid forms, having worked in multimedia performance, digital animation, web production, and comics. His animation has screened at Sundance and won awards at several international festivals, including the Grand Prize for Internet Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. He is also an essayist and critic whose art criticism has appeared in a variety of online and print publications, including The Believer,  the San Francisco Chronicle, Salon Magazine, the Bay Guardian, and the Comics Journal. Thematically, the constant in his work has been the tension between the material reality of the world, and the more abstracted ideas we have about the world. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Digital Art at Sierra Nevada College.


1303 Patrick Ave.
Reno, NV 89509
chrislanier2001 [at] yahoo [dot] com


M.F.A., Studio Art, University of California, Davis, 2007

B.A., Art and Society, New College of California, San Francisco, 1994


Assistant Professor, 2007-Present
Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV
Courses: Digital Darkroom, Web Design, Introduction to Entertainment Technology, Animation

Associate Instructor, 2006
University of California, Davis
Course: Beginning Drawing

Teaching Assistant, 2005-2007
University of California, Davis
Courses: Beginning Painting, Interdisciplinarity, Visual Culture, Advanced Painting, Experimental Documentary



“She’d Hallucinate Ghosts,” solo show, Tahoe Gallery, Incline Village, October. (Drawings and Projections)

“The Mapping Project,” in collaboration with Element Dance Theater, Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater, and Ilya Noe, CounterPULSE, San Francisco, June. (Multimedia Dance Performance)


“Paper Cuts,” Fetterly Art Gallery, Vallejo, August. (Etchings)

“Gold Star,” Richard L. Nelson Gallery, Davis, July. (Digital Prints, Wall Drawing)

“Transformations” Pence Gallery, Davis, April. (Etchings)

“Student and Faculty” Basement Gallery, Davis, March. (Digital Print)


“Dig It,” Kondos Art Gallery, Sacramento, November. (Animation and Digital Prints)

“Small Works,” Pence Gallery, July. (Etching)

“TB 9 and the Fiction Factory” Pence Gallery, Davis, June. (Drawings and Etchings)


“Zoetrope,” in collaboration with Element Dance Theater, Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco; ODC Theater, San Francisco; Renaud-Wilson Dance Festival, Hayward; Electric Lodge, Los Angeles, January-March. (Multimedia Dance Performance)


“Scarf Mania,” Indiana Review, Summer 2004, p. 110-111. (Comic)

“Mirror,” (translated into Portuguese) Quadrado, May, p. 86-94. (Comic)


“One View of Hokusai,” Spark Generators II, Jon Hastings, Ed.  San Francisco: CAM Press, p. 85-87. (Comic)

“Searing Images,” San Francisco Chronicle, August 10, p.M6. (Comic)

 “Last Gasp,” (translated into Italian) Inguine Mah!gazine, Spring, p.23-25. (Comic)

 “Irak ’03,” (translated into Serbian) Vreme, May 15, p.47 (Comic)

“Digging the Underground,” San Francisco Chronicle, April 20, p.M6. (Comic)


“Off the Page, Onto the Wall,” San Francisco Chronicle, September 1, p.M6. (Comic)

“Ideas in Animation,” with musical accompaniment by the Sprocket Ensemble, Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco; 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, April. (Animation screening)

“Mirror,” (translated into French) L’Horreur Est Humaine, Sylvain Gerand, Ed. Melle, France: I.C.N., p.21-30. (Comic)

“A Komix ‘Kritique’ of Krazy Kat,” San Francisco Chronicle, March 24, p.M6. (Comic)

“Online Animation Competition Screening,” Ottawa International Animation Festival, National Arts Centre of Canada, Ottawa, September. (Animation screening)


“GRRR!” Galerija Svremene Uetnosti, Pancevo, Serbia, October. (Drawings and Comics, Animation screening)

“Cartoons on the Bay International Animation Festival,” Pulcinella Awards (Nomination for Best New Show, Best New Character), Positano, Italy, April. (Animation Screening)

“Online Animation,” Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival. (Webcast)

“Online Films,” Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, January. (Animation Screening and Webcast)


“Net Cinema Shorts,” Resfest, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco; Cinerama, Seattle; The Ritzy, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; FCMM, Montreal; Tishman Auditorium at the New School, New York; Egyptian Theater, Writers Guild Theater, Directors Guild of America, Los Angeles; Ho Am Art Hall, Seoul; Laforet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo; MBS Hall, Osaka, September-December. (Animation Screening)

“The Best of Ottawa '00," Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Colorado; Guild Theater, Portland; Uptown Theater, Calgary, November. (Animation Screening)

“Online Animation Competition Screening,” Ottawa International Animation Festival, National Arts Centre of Canada, Ottawa, September, 2000. (Animation screening)

Romanov: Season Two (Twelve episodes: “Amuseument,” “Yawnocracy,” “Howlin’ Romanov,” “Sui Generation,” “Monkey Mobius,” “Romanov at the Mic: Comedy,” “Romanov at the Mic: Poetry,” “Zoomorph: Part 1,” “Zoomorph: Part 2,” “Antiphany,” “Culture: Part 1,” “Culture: Part 2”), webcast on, September-November. (Web Animation)

“Dance Sequence” Bridge, Fall 2000, p.91. (Linoleum cuts)

“Internet Animation Competition Screening,” World Animation Celebration, Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles, June. (Animation Screening)

Romanov: Season One (Twelve episodes: “Crash,” “Nocturnis Interruptus,” “Rocket Romanov,” “Statuesque,” “Ex$poiltation,” “Politti Grafitti,” “Thinkink,” “Shadow Split,” “Macho Romanov,” “Rebirth Reductio,” “Anti-Parallel,” “Knowledgeville”), webcast on, April-June. (Web Animation)

“Ideas in Animation,” with musical accompaniment by the Sprocket Ensemble, Victoria Theater, San Francisco, May. (Animation Screening)


“Speech,” Comix 2000, Paris: L’Association, 1999, p. 962-968. (Comic)

Combustion, Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 1999. (Graphic Novel)


“Rocket Romanov” Trepan, Fall 1998, p. 52. (Comic)


“July 15, 1992,” Flock of Dreamers, Sasa Rakezic and Bob Kathman, Bob, Eds. North Hampton: Kitchen Sink Press, 1997, p.53 (Comic)

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Grand Prize, Animation Produced for the Internet: Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2000.

Second Prize, Best Internet Graphics: World Animation Celebration, 2000.

First Prize, Non-commercial Animation: Real Networks Animation Festival, 1998.


Theatre Bay Area CA$H Grant (with Element Dance Theater), 2007.

Friends of the Nelson Grant, 2007.

University of California Davis Graduate Student Research Grant, 2006.

Friends of the Nelson Grant, 2006.

ArtsLink Individual Artist Grant (with Aleksandar Zograf), 2001.

Film Arts Foundation Individual Grant, 1998.


"Flashes of Inspiration: independent vision in online cartoons," Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, September 2003 (including catalog essay).

"Dreamtime/Wartime: The Comics of Aleksandar Zograf," Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, Feb. 2002 - April 2002 (including catalog).

“Comix and Animation,” Artists Television Access, San Francisco, March 1999.


“Comics and Autobiography,” University of California, Davis, 2006. (Lecture)

 “Animation on the Couch: In Search of Meaning,” Ottawa International Student Animation Festival, October 2003. (Panel)

“Spark Generators,” Alternative Press Expo, February 2002. (Panel)

"Digital Filmmaking: The Filmmakers," Sundance Film Festival, January 2001. (Panel)


Board Member, Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, 2004-2005.